many thanks to hams world wide (English)

after a long QRT of 30 years, I finally made it, coming back to wonderful HF radio. I enjoy every bit of communications, even QRM and QSB. So much fun to be on the air, wish I could have come back much earlier.

I have been actively monitoring and answering JT65HF on 15m, sometimes going down to 17m or 20m. Please feel free to drop me a note if you search for my callsign and arrived here.

My current set up is FT450D and 7mH virtical (element wire length 12m, with 9m counterpoise makes a full size 40mb GP), fed thru CG-3000.
Most of the time with JT65, output power is 30W. (running input power might be around 50-60W).
Interface unit also is Yaesu made, SCU-17. This guy has too high output level, I always have to adjust the output level after changing DF… Please let me know if I push ALC too hard.

Thank you again to all you hams for FB contact.

Best 73,